In its inaugural year, the ALRA Scheme will launch with awards in five categories:

Applications close 17 March 2020

(1) PhD Award: This category will focus on the starting point of the contemporary academic pathway, celebrating excellence in doctoral studies.

(2) Article/Chapter (ECR) Award: This specific category recognises the contribution of early career academics in producing a discrete research output – whether journal article or book chapter.

(3) Article/Chapter (General) Award:This general category celebrates that mainstay of academic research – the traditional research article (including book chapters in edited collections).

(4) Book Award: This category celebrates the substantial contribution that is made by the sustained in-depth analysis provided by a legal book or monograph.

(5) Non-Traditional Research Output (NTRO) Award: This category is intended to encourage, recognise and reward research innovation that does not conform to traditional academic outputs, and might include videos, films, artistic works, blogs, and software.

The Scheme will also celebrate the sustained contribution to Australian Legal Scholarship through a special Lifetime Achievement Legal Research Medal. This prestigious category recognises the substantial contribution of outstanding scholars to the discipline of law made over the course of at least a 25-year career

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